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*Give Your Children The Gift Of Health*

by Kristy Volchko


If you're from the Pittsburgh area and would like to donate to those less fortunate, please visit any of these charities. Warm blankets, coats, shoes, canned goods, books, etc. are always needed.  






*Nurturing Your Future Bookworm-Inspiring Kids to Love Reading*
by Kristy Volchko


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What a fantastic way to start the month of July... I can't stop smiling! #Overjoyed

Happy December 2017, Readers!

  Tis the season to be reading! It's been a fantastic year, and I want to thank all my fabulous readers, tall & small, near & far, for the thoughtful, lovely e-mail letters, pictures, and messages. They mean the WORLD to me! No matter where you are or what you're doing, I wish you safe & happy holiday season. Keep reading! 


And the Trophy for Outstanding Philanthropic Spirit Goes to...


I'm incredibly honored to be chosen for July's #ShowUsYourSue Award winner! I want to give a BIG shout out to Jill Cofsky for nominating me, and Trophy Central for this gorgeous trophy! I'm truly grateful for your kindness and recognition.

#Honored #Grateful #Inspired  

Nominate someone who inspires YOU!

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