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Happy January!

2017 was an awesome year full of many wonderful things! I feel incredibly grateful to have met so many amazing readers, talented authors, artists, and creatives from all over the globe. You inspire me every single day! Thank you for sharing your dreams with me, and allowing me to share mine with you.

 I'm excited to announce that my YA comedy, Mall Hair Maladies, will be available in the coming weeks. If you love the 80s as much as I do, you'll like, totally love this series! Get ready to laugh like a loon!

Have a blessed year, my friends. Keep reading, writing, dreaming!



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Literary Titan Book Awards Kristy Jo Volchko Gold Award November 2018 Young Adult Fiction Mall Hair Maladies
Kristy Jo Volchko Readers' Favorite Five Stars
Readers' Favorite Kristy Jo Volchko Five Stars
Kristy Jo Volchko New Apple

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Kristy Jo Volchko 2018 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards For Excellence In Independent Publishing General Fiction


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Literary Titan

 Gold Book Award 

November 2018

 Young Adult Fiction 

29 Rad Romance Movies of the 80s (That Branded Our Hearts Forever) 

Readers' Favorite announces the review of the Young Adult - Coming of Age book "Mall Hair Maladies" by Kristy Jo Volchko, currently available at

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Mall Hair Maladies is a young adult coming of age novel written by Kristy Jo Volchko. It was 1985 and, as far as thirteen-year-old Tanya was concerned, Pittsburgh was the center of the universe. She was in the eighth grade now, the last year of junior high, and next year she’d finally be there -- in high school -- where she’s heard that life really begins. For now, life was still pretty sweet. Earlier that year, Randi, a new and very cool girl from New York, had transferred into Seaton Junior High, and the principal had asked Tanya to give her a tour of the school. Randi was her sister from another mother, her complement. They both liked the same things, had incredible skill with fashioning the perfect hair-do and adored Madonna. Both girls came from single parent homes; Tanya’s mom was an environmental lawyer, and Randi’s dad owned and operated a nursery in town. Sometimes, Tanya wondered what would happen if their parents happened to meet… For now, though, the big excitement was the upcoming Madonna concert, and the contest a local radio station was holding to give out free tickets. Tanya knew they would get the tickets; they only had to be caller number ten once, and those tickets would be theirs. Yes, life was very cool.

Mall Hair Maladies is a gauzy and hilarious celebration of all things eighties as seen through the eyes of two thirteen-year-old girls. If you didn’t grow up in the eighties and have always wondered about the big hairstyles you’ve seen in the old class yearbooks and movies from that decade, you’ll delight in the step-by-step instructions Tanya follows to get every inch of hair teased, puffed up and lacquered in place before she leaves the house. I loved this book! While the story is about two young girls, and there is a fair amount of print devoted to fashion, hairdos and other girly stuff, there’s a much deeper, stronger thread running through Mall Hair Maladies. Coming of age stories can be run of the mill, or they can have the potential to achieve greatness -- more so, I think than any other fiction genre can. I always get a tingle, a feeling of excitement, of possibility, when opening a coming of age book. Think Huck Finn or the Outsiders or any one of the classic tales that fit the genre and make it special. That special something, the special sauce as it were, also makes this book rock. We transcend the hairspray and glitter and witness the unforgettable magic, adventure and mystery involved in attaining adulthood, in coming of age, seen here most vividly during Tanya and Randi’s concert night. Volchko’s characters are marvelous, and their escapades work so very well. Mall Hair Maladies is most highly recommended."

You can learn more about Kristy Jo Volchko and Mall Hair Maladies at
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Young Adult Fiction Category Winner Mall Hair Maladies Kristy Jo Volchko