Gabby Goose

Gabby is very outspoken and thinks everything should be a certain way.  In fact, some even think she's a bit snooty. She wants things to look and smell nice and nothing to be unpleasant. She may not always say the right things at the right time, ruffling quite a few feathers along the way, but her heart is in a kind place. Her favorite color is raspberry pink, and corn chowder is her favorite lunch. The song she requests the most is, 'Shake A Tail Feather'. She enjoys weaving baskets, swimming, and floating along the cool water listening to one of Jay bird's many melodies. 

Randy Raccoon- Delia Duck- Tammy Turtle

Just a few more of the friendly critters hanging out at Cackleberry. The more the merrier! They hang around for games, parties, and will simply stop by to say hello.

Dozer The Great Dane

Dozer is Mr. Cackleberry's BIG dog! This gentle giant is very clumsy so the other critters have to be careful where they stand when this fellow's around. His favorite pastimes include baying at the full moon, giving  critters rides around the farm on his back, rolling in the stinkiest mud, and burying his dearest treasures in large holes around the creek. Mint makes him sneeze, he loves bathing in the pond, and he'll eat whatever you give him. (Lemons give him quite a tummy-ache and make his drooling problem worse.) He gets quite embarrassed about his drooling so just pretend that you don't notice. 

Davy Frog

Davy M. Frog is Lulu's best pal in the whole wide world (since they were iddy biddy tadpoles!) Davy likes to have lots of fun! Leap frog, lily pad raft races, hide and go seek, building mud castles, log-leap-limbo, ect. Davy does NOT like chores. In fact, he'll do just about anything to get out of doing any kind of work. Davy's motto is FUN and RUN! He loves baseball, the color red, and searching the mud for marbles. He just knows one day he'll find a buried treasure!

  Jay the Blue-bird

Jay the Bluebird is the kindest of birds. He's fond of travelling so he's not around the farm for every season- especially winter. When he does fly in, he whistles sweet songs, like a soft, blue jukebox for all the critters to enjoy. He helps builds nests for smaller critters, collects kindling, and can always be counted on to fly high in the clouds, scouting the area when a little critter is gone for too long or may have gotten lost.       

 Manny Mosquito

Manny is a bit of a bizzy-body. He loves bizz-buzzing around and makes it his bizz-nezz to know everything! If there's any news going on around the creek, he's got the buzz! Manny even does morning announcements, filling the gang in on buzzworthy news such as; Weather conditions, new critters in the area, upcoming birthdays, and even who's turn it is to make pies for the week! Manny is a sweetheart but is quite afraid of most things. He never goes near mud, strong winds, snow, sea shells, chickens, or flyswatters. Sometimes Manny just can't seem to stay outta trouble, and his pals are always there to help him out of yet another cabobble.   


 Bill the wise ole Bullfrog

Bill has been around Cackleberry for a long, long time, and he is one wise ole frog! He speaks very little, but knows many things. When he does talk, it's in a slow, southern drawl. He and Lulu's mama can usually be found relaxing on a mossy log, watching over the great pond. All the critters on the farm rely on Bill for his very straightforward advice and he's got an old remedy for just about every ailment! Got a thorn in your toe? Go to Bill. Need a recipe for corn fritters? Ask Bill. Bill's favorite things? Napping, humming old Sinatra tunes, and his brown, fedora style hat. His motto is..."take yer time, what's the rush?"

     Bobby and Brenda Bunny

 Bobby and Brenda are two peas in a pod! They do most everything together and live inside a comfy little rabbit den, which they share with Bobby's mum. Their favorite things are carrot stew and dancing hip-hop. Brenda enjoys searching the wildflower fields for new flowers for her baskets, and Bobby likes to see how many logs he can hop over in a row without stopping. 


Tommy and Katy-Kat 

Tom and Katy are two very cool cats, ya dig? Hanging out with their buds is an important part of their daily agenda. Tommy's favorite thing in the world is science! He studies everything- different insects, wildlife, and even the stars. Katy enjoys crafts, hanging out with her gal pals, napping, and grooming her nails & fur. She believes in always looking her best.  Katy's favorite herb is catnip and her favorite flower is lilac. 

  Larry and the Locusts

The most popular band at Cackleberry! They rock out at every event, making it hard NOT to dance! Their hits include; Rock around the Crick, Harvest Nights, Cackleberry Rock, A Bunny Like You, Laugh Like A Loon, Party In The Tree House, and more! They've hit number one on the tree charts every year since....well, every year.



 Sammy & Sara Squirrel

These wild and wacky squirrels live inside of one of the oldest apple trees at Cackleberry. They stay busy digging and climbing but always make time for fun with the other critters. Sammy's favorite game is kick the acorn and Sara loves to whittle wood and make gifts for the others. Sara has a nut allergy so her favorite munchies are sunflower seeds, apples, apricots, and corn-on-the-cob. Sammy's favorite is mushroom soup.  



Lulu and Mama Frog

 Lulu and her mama are the coolest frogs in the pond! Mama's favorite color is violet and Lulu's is light pink. The pair agree that Spring is their favorite season, when all the roses begin to bloom. Mama's best pal is Bill, the wise old Bullfrog- Lulu's bestie is Davy Frog. Lulu likes to wear a different colored scarf to match each season, and her favorite game to play is leap frog. She still worries during loud thunderstorms but knows the cure for that is simply being snuggling inside mama's arms. 


Welcome To Cackleberry Creek!

Thanks for stopping by, all are welcome!

Do you love to make friends, learn new things, and laugh like a loon? Then you've come to the right place! Deep within the thickest part of the forest, behind the horse barns, past the chicken coops, across the cornfields, and beyond the wildflower fields, lies  a magnificent place where only the kindest, friendliest critters live. Cackleberry Creek is so lovely, that critters from all across the land, far and wide have heard all about its magical beauty.

There's a crystal-blue stream that flows to the creek and into the frog pond. Alongside the bubbling water, there are many glorious trees such as Apple, Pear, Cherry, Oak, Maple, Birch, and Weeping Willow. There are also lots of flavorful bushes such as, Blueberry, Mulberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry, all waiting for critters to stop by for a sweet snack. All day long, birds are singing, crickets are chirping, critters are racing up and down the creek on lily pad-rafts, playing kick the acorn, holly-ball, hide and seek, and enjoying one fun-filled adventure after another.  

Sounds like a great place, right? Come and join the fun!


Sugar Skunk

Sugar is new to the area, and Siggy Skunk has taken it upon himself to show her around. Sugar likes to eat berries and tell lots of silly jokes. She always wears a necklace made of daisies.


Sigmund Skunk (Siggy)

Siggy may be a skunk, but he's more like a barrel of monkeys! He's funky, spunky, and smells quite skunky. He loves to tell jokes, has a wonderful personality, and is chock-full of good cheer! Siggy was quite lonely before coming to Cackleberry, most couldn't stand the smell of him. At first he was shy, but the critters found a creative way to compromise so that Siggy doesn't feel left out. His friends understand that his unique smell is needed to keep other, more dangerous critters far away! Siggy always wears a bow tie and his absolute favorite food is BERRIES! All berries! His favorite kinds of fun? He loves to tell jokes and dance his tail off, so get the party started!