Meet Author Kristy Jo Volchko


Read Across America 2016 Takes Flight:

Meet Author Kristy Jo Volchko


Read Across America 2016  {The Clubhouse Cabobble}

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of How To Coach A Debate Team

'The alliterative titles, use of repetitive sounds, and colorful phrases will make this book remarkably easy to remember and talk about long after the reading is done. By the time the reading is done, the value of teamwork and friendship will have been learned through the eyes of characters such as Lulu, Brenda Bunny, Katy Kat and Sara Squirrel. And boys will enjoy such characters as Davy Frog, Bobby Bunny, Sammy Squirrel and Tommy Kat. This book would make an excellent choice for Reader’s Theater also, with its balanced character set and the eight chapters allowing for the whole class to get involved. In sum, this book would go well with any reading program, not only just for Read Across America Day. An enjoyable, engaging and memorable read for children. Highly recommended.'

Kristy Jo Volchko is an award-winning, multi-genre author, poet, blogger, book reviewer, and human rights activist. She's a member of the IAN, YABC, and her 2018 release, Mall Hair Maladies, has received the Literary Titan Gold Book Award for November 2018, New Apple 2018 Summer E-Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing [Official Selection- General Fiction], 2018 4th Annual Grunter Awards - Young Adult Fiction Category Winner, and several Readers' Favorite five-star reviews.

Kristy is  the creator of the children’s adventure series, Cackleberry Creek, which includes such titles as, Frogs Can Fly, There Are No Monsters at Cackleberry Creek, The Clubhouse Cabobble, and Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk, which inspires children everywhere to love themselves and be compassionate toward others.

She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she continues to share her love of storytelling and raise awareness for Allergy & Anaphylaxis, MCAD, and MCS. She began writing music, poetry, and short stories as young as eight years old and has since penned numerous books, short stories, and poetry anthologies that have become popular around the globe.

"There was always some silly limerick, jingle, or budding tale bouncing around my brain, begging to be written down." The Cackleberry Creek series was inspired by her time spent playing on her grandmother's farm. "My short time spent on that farm was like my very own magic kingdom. Cherry and apple trees, ponds, fields of wildflowers, fireflies, baby frogs, critters, starry can I not write about that?"       

All proceeds from Frogs Can Fly are donated to various children's organizations- St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, literacy programs, Unicef, Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness, and Mastocytosis/MCAD research.